International Dyslexia Awareness Day

ROMANIAN SENATE Press releases

International Dyslexia Awareness Day 8 October

International Dyslexia Awareness Day will be marked this evening by the Romanian Senate by the turquoise-blue lighting of the façade. International Dyslexia Awareness Day draws attention to the problem of this learning disability that can affect a person's reading development. Dyslexia is the learning difficulty characterized by reading problems despite a normal level of intelligence.

Mr. Robert Cazanciuc, acting president of the Senate, made it clear that "dyslexia is not a disease, and these people should not be labeled but helped to cope with learning processes according to the difficulties that anyone can have at any given time, in different forms." The participation of the Romanian Senate in the marking of the International Dyslexia Awareness Day was carried out at the invitation of the Spanish Federation of Dyslexia.

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